Married with Vision Teleclass

Are You Ready To Transform Your Vision?!?!

Who Is This Teleclass For?
  • Singles
  • Married Couples
  • Newly Engaged Couples

Topics Covered?
  • How Your Partner Upgrades the Vision
  • Embracing your differences for the perfect partnership
  • Tactics for handling disagreements when building a business
  • Understanding your role in the vision
  • What successful couples read
You will walk away knowing:
  • Singles will walk away knowing what to look for in a mate
  • Married couples will learn how to create a partnership that does not strain your marriage
  • Engaged couples will learn how to begin breaking down barriers and strengthening their partner from the very beginning.
You will hear from:

David & Tiona Blyden

Visionaries behind "Married with Vision," business partners and
passionate about bringing ministry to the marketplace.

Embracing each person's strengths to make the dream work

Charles & Theresa Brown
Founders of Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network, Talk to
Charles, and Event Planning Extraordinaire.

Protecting One Another In Business

Reginald & Hennither Gant

Founders of Career Image Solutions, SERVE, LLC, and Henni B. Speaks.
Understanding how to join forces to accomplish more

Davon & Chemire Hunter

Founders & Partners at LeadHer Enterprises
Including God Every Step of the Way

Rich & Erika Akwo

Founders & Partners at Nuvision Group, Know Your Worth, and Generosity Global.
Building A Strong Support System In Your Marriage

Grab your spouse, a pin and a pad. We have some great information in store at no cost!
Invite a friend, share the flyer, let's change the way people view success and marriage.

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